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Yah-Tube.com is a website devoted to spreading the WORD of the Creator of the Universe via teachings available in audio, video and print form for FREE.

Yah-Tube.com is a non-profit website that has no revenue whatsoever. The web site was created and is being updated and maintained by hundreds of hours of volunteer labour. The website hosting costs are paid for by Yah-Tube.com's administrator and there are no plans to put up ads or pop-ups to generate income. Donations to support Yah-Tube.com are currently not accepted as they are not necessary at this time (although this may change in the future if certain circumstances arise). However, donations to those who graciously provided material for this website are heavily encouraged. Yah-Tube.com depends on these ministries to get its content, and most of these ministries are supported by user doantions and/or DVD sales. Throughout Yah-Tube.com there are links to the various ministry websites as well as information on how to support these ministries.

Yah-Tube.com takes no credit for any of the teachings (be it audio, video, or print) contained within its webpages. Credits for all content go to the respective ministries from which the materials were gathered.

The content posted on Yah-Tube.com is either not copyrighted or permission has been given to post the material. Our goal is to broadcast the Creator of the Universe, but we want to do so legally and without any copyright infringement. If there happens to be content on Yah-Tube.com that is copyrighted and permission has not been granted, then please notify Yah-Tube.com (by sending an email to the address at the bottom of this page) as soon as possible, so we can resolve the issue (by either obtaining permission, removing the content or possibly an alternative solution).

The views and statements expressed in the teachings on this website do not necessarily reflect those of Yah-Tube.com. It is the belief of Yah-Tube.com that every bit of content on the site has some important, pertinent and valuable information in it. It is the responsibility of the user (the viewer/listener/reader of this website's content) to research and verify whether the information presented on Yah-Tube.com is true.

Unlike video-sharing websites like YouTube, Yah-Tube.com does not have the capability of allowing users to upload videos (Although it is possible that this feature could be added at some point in the future). All content (whether audio, video or print) is uploaded manually by Yah-Tube.com's administrator. If you are interested in contributing content for Yah-Tube.com, please contact us via the email address found below.

The website is a work in progress and will continue to grow in content as time goes on. Please come back regularly to see what new teachings have been added.

Thank you very much for your time.


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