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Save the Date
by Pamela Benton

Save the Date not only draws the heart of the viewer to that Great Supper planned; but also intensely conveys an unfamiliar aspect of the battle raging between Christ and Satan. This powerfully illustrated documentary, presented by Pamela Benton, mother of the Benton Sisters, vividly brings to life Godís well established Old Paths, His biblical foundations of many generations.

The prophets: Amos, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and our spiritual forefathers, have been calling Godís people, down through the ages, to return to these paths. However, returning often brought exile, derision, humiliation, and persecution. Never the less in the renewal of their New Covenant they received strength in Godís love which was stronger than life itself. Not a few lost their lives because they - saved the date.

Length: 1 hour and 23 minutes

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