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Video Series posted so far:

119 Ministries - TestEverything.net

Ark Discovery - Revealing God's Treasure

Arthur Bailey - Aviv Moon Trilogy

Avi ben Mordechai - Millennium 7000 Communications

Battlefield Hollywood - Little Light Ministries

Brad Scott - WildBranch Ministry

Eddie Chumney - Hebraic Heritage Ministries

Glenn McWilliams - TK Torah Keepers

Hugo Gambetta - Gospel in the Old Testament

Jim Staley - Passion for Truth Ministries

John VanDenburgh - Bible Explorations

Joseph Dumond - Sighted Moon

Kent Hovind - Creation Science Evangelism

Mark Biltz - El Shaddai Ministries

Michael Rood - A Rood Awakening

Miles Hanon - Story Front Pictures

Monte Judah - Lion and Lamb Ministries

Pamela Benton - Blueprint for the Bride

Paul Nison - Torah Life Ministries

Rico Cortes - Wisdom in Torah

Scot Dryer - Points of Contention

Tom - House of YAHUWAH

Tony & Steven - Adventist Puritans

Tony Robinson - Restoration of Torah Ministries

Walter Veith - Amazing Discoveries

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