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Chronological Order of
Prophecies in Jubilees
by Joseph Dumond

Joseph Dumond has been studying Bible Prophecy and the Jubilee cycles for over 20 years. He tells us where the Jubilee cycles say we are in prophecy, as well as why we have global warming and terrorism. He says the Jubilee cycles portray the chronological order of events for the next 37 years: such as the year 2010 bringing seven years of disease pandemics, 2024 portrays the seven year cycle of the fall of America, 2030 portrays the seven year cycle of the return of the lost tribes to Israel, 2033 portrays the tribulation ending, and 2045 portrays the beginning of the Millennium. He is not setting dates, only teaching what the jubilee cycles portray. This is credible and amazing.

Length: 2 hour and 40 minutes

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