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The Path of Pure Torah
by Glenn McWilliams

A Rood Awakening! presents THE PATH OF PURE TORAH by Glenn McWilliams, host of the weekly Torah teaching series, Awakening in the Word.

"Thy word is very pure..." (Psalms 119:140) "Every word of God is pure. . ." (Proverbs 30:5)

The scriptures clearly declare that the Word of YHWH is pure. But after generations of man's interpretations, translations, revisions, additions and subtractions, the message that has come down to us has been profusely polluted by man's religious systems. Now, once again, the Spirit is moving to purge, purify and separate the Pure Word of YHWH from the pollution of man's religions.

In this DVD teaching THE PATH OF PURE TORAH, Glenn lays down the foundation by following the path of the Pure Torah, as it flows like a river from the Garden of Eden through the flood, to the tower of Babel and into the lives of the Patriarchs. In part two, Glenn takes us to Mount Sinai where YHWH, once again, pours out the Pure Torah to Moses and the children of Israel. Now it is our generation that thirsts for the cool, refreshing, life giving waters of the Pure Torah without the pollution of pagan idolatry or the muddy man-made ma'asim of phariseeism.

If you have been hungering and thirsting for the truth - free of all the additional rules, twisted traditions, denominational doctrines, and rabbinic injunctions - then this DVD, THE PATH OF PURE TORAH, is the teaching for which you have been waiting. If you have been called by the Creator to keep the Torah as Moses received it and Yeshua taught it, then don't miss THE PATH OF PURE TORAH. This is truly a cool drink of refreshing water from the stream that still flows from the throne room.

Length: 1 hour and 47 minutes

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