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John VanDenburgh - Bible Explorations

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New Discoveries from Old Manuscripts - DVD Series

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Intro DVD:
Introduction to the Statutes
(60 mins)
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DVD 1: The Elijah Message
and the Statutes & Judgments

(60 mins)
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DVD 2: The Adventures of Paul
With His Observance of Statutes & Feasts

(60 mins)
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DVD 3: The Third Witness -
The Feasts in the Early Christian Church

(60 mins)
DVD 4 Logo
DVD 4: Satanism & Its Holidays vs.
The Apostle Paul & Heaven's Feasts

(60 mins)
DVD 5 Logo
DVD 5: Ephesians 2
and How to Keep the Feasts

(60 mins)
DVD 6 Logo
DVD 6: The Sealing of the 144,000
and Its Relation to the Statutes

(60 mins)
DVD 7 Logo
DVD 7: What Was Nailed
to the Cross in Colossians 2?

(60 mins)
DVD 8 Logo
DVD 8: The Feasts
With Last Day Events

(60 mins)
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